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By Katanu Mwosa,

The maiden Kenya Water Week (KEWAWK) organized by the Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Water is summarized by the great African saying “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

The Week will bring together key water sector stakeholders to discuss and find sustainable ways of positioning water for economic development and social prosperity.

With the theme “Aid to trade”, the Kenya Water Week provides a platform to profile investment opportunities that can be tapped by private sector. The week will provide business opportunities for public and private sector and create avenues for developing mutual and sustainable partnerships.

Kenya Markets Trust (KMT), a Kenyan organization that embodies promotion of sustainable and inclusive market development, joins hands with WSTF and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MOWI) to invite small businesses, large firms, investors, service providers and consumers to take advantage of the first Kenya Water Week.

KMT believes that better markets have the potential to catapult many poor people from poverty and thus the water sector plays a critical role in poverty reduction. In this regard, KMT will work with key market players i.e. private and public, in making the water sector deliver effectively to the consumers.


Katanu Mwosa is the Chief Operating Officer, Kenya Markets Trust. kmwosa@kenyamarkets.org