Archive: May 2017

Milk supply; Why data tells only half the story

By Chris Silali and Chris Shimba


The dairy industry in Kenya is a significant agricultural sub-sector contributing to the national economy, household incomes and food security. It contributes 40 per cent to the agricultural GDP and 4 per cent

Rethinking Water Services in Kenya

Wario Bonaya

The theme of the 2016 world water day, Water and Jobs,¬† reflects the ¬†emerging global consensus on the important role the water sector plays in stimulating sustainable economic development. The 2016 world water development report highlights this …

6 Lessons On Systemic Change From Motherhood And Parenting

By Eric Momanyi,

Over time, it has become clear that for change to become sustainable, change agents must not embed themselves as part of the system they are trying to change. If we understand how a particular system operates …