Enhancing business growth of Nanyuki and isiolo water and sewerage companies: developing business plan for the utilities.

  1. About Kenya Market Trust

Kenya Markets Trust is a Kenyan organisation that works in partnership with the private sector; county and national governments; associations; local and international partners to unleash large scale, sustainable market growth by changing the underlying incentives, capacities and rules that shape how market systems work. We focus on market systems and value chains as these are the main mechanisms through which wealth is created and growth occurs. Our long-term goal is to deliver large scale, systemic change in selected markets that benefits all players including small businesses, larger firms, investors, producers and consumers, and the country at large.

To achieve this, we identify markets with high growth potential but which are saddled with systemic constraints. Working with key market actors, policy makers and other stakeholders, we address these constraints to improve competitiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness.

As a result, we hope to grow the range of market opportunities, support competitiveness in these sectors, ultimately creating a market system that is profitable to investors, improves incomes for suppliers and is beneficial to consumers.

  1. Water Sector

KMT in partnership with its implementing partners has been supporting local utilities and selected national institutions in finding ways to improve water services delivery. The range of facilitation vary from; supporting urban water utilities in addressing operational inefficiencies, strengthening institutional development and developing and implementing alternative viable service delivery models for rural water sub-sector.

The institutional support to utilities includes development of strategic plans, support in change management processes, promotion in adoption of better service delivery mechanisms and review of business plans.

  1. Assignment

In view of the above context, the organisation is seeking to recruit a consultant to provide consultancy services to Nanyuki and Isiolo water and sewerage companies in development of a 5-year business plan informed by their new strategic plans.

  1. Scope of Work

The Consultant will work closely with Nanyuki and Isiolo Water and Sewerage Company to undertake the following:

  • Review the newly developed strategic plans and make necessary amendments
  • Review the business operation model for the two utilities
  • Develop a 5-year business plan with biennial rolling targets/milestone
  • Develop a performance measurement framework for the business plan.
  1. Deliverables

The expected outputs from the assignment will include, but are not limited to:

  • Revised/ amended strategic plans
  • A robust financial forecast for the 5 –year period
  • Stakeholder consultation report
  • A well-informed business plan with biennial milestones
  • Measurement framework for the business plan.
  1. Skills and Experience Required
  • Firm/individual with Strong expertise in business development in the water sector
  • Firm/individual with experience in developing strategic and business plan for water utilities/institutions
  • Firm/individual with experience in undertaking financial modelling for urban water utilities
  • Firm/individual with experience in designing business solution system for urban water utilities
  • Firm/individual with water financing landscape/mechanism
  1. Duration of the Assignment

The assignment is expected to take a total of 30 days from 1st November 2018 to 30th November 2018. This duration is inclusive of reporting timeline.

  1. Mandatory documents

The following documents must be submitted as part of the proposal:

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership deed/business certificate.
  • Valid Tax compliance certificate.
  • Three referees to whom a similar assignment has been successfully undertaken.
  1. Expected Response
  1. Questions regarding this request may be addressed to KMT procurement on and must be received no later than 12th October 2018. Responses to questions will be distributed to all interested parties no later than 16th October 2018. All enquiries must strictly be on email.
  1. The Expression of Interest and enclosed documents must be received not later than 19th October 2018 at 4:00pm (Time is according to KMT Clock at the reception) kindly ensure that the technical and the financial proposals are enclosed separately on plain envelops. Indicate the Reference provided only.
  2. Ensure that the proposals and the documents are all initialled at the bottom and page numbers indicated sequentially;
  3. The Expression of Interest MUST be delivered in hard copies to a tender box provided in our offices at the Reception (See the address below). Kindly ensure that they are received at the reception and time of receipt is recorded on the envelope.
  4. The proposal must be marked ‘KMT/BSN PLAN IWASCO/NAWASCO/2018’
  5. Failure to comply with the guidelines given herein will result to outright disqualification.
  6. KMT has exclusive rights to conduct the evaluation process.



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Annex1: Enhancing business growth of Nanyuki and isiolo water and sewerage companies: developing business plan for the utilities.

Item No. Evaluation Criteria Score%
No.1 Provision of relevant document i.e. certificate of registration/incorporation, tax compliance, copies of PIN and VAT certificate 5
No. 2 CVs for key personnel involved in the assignment 10
No.3. Experience in provision of business development support and development of business plan 40
No. 4. Understanding of water financing landscape and business modelling 15
Subtotal 70
No.5. Financial proposal 30
Total 100%