Kenya Markets Trust (KMT) is a Kenyan organisation that works in partnership with the private sector, county and national government to unleash large scale, sustainable market growth by changing the underlying incentives, capacities and rules that shape how markets work.

We focus on markets as they are the main mechanism through which wealth is created and growth occurs and our long-term goal is to deliver large scale, systemic change in selected markets that benefits all players including small businesses, larger firms, investors, producers and consumers.

To achieve this, we identify markets with high growth potential but which are saddled with systemic constraints. Working with key market actors, policy makers and other stakeholders, we address these constraints to improve competitiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness.

As a result, we hope to grow the range of market opportunities, support competition in these sectors, eventually creating a market system that is profitable to investors, improves incomes for suppliers and is beneficial to consumers.

KMT currently works in 3 sectors namely Livestock, Agricultural Inputs and Water.


Overview of the Consultancies

Kenya Markets Trust (KMT) in partnership with the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB), Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF), Water Service Providers Association (WASPA), and eight urban water utilities i.e. Isiolo, Nanyuki, Muranga South, Malindi, Busia, Nakuru, Garissa and Kakamega water and sewerage companies, invites interested, competent and reputable firms/consortiums to participate in the provision of ‘hand-holding’ consultancies as listed below. Kindly click on the provided hyperlinks to access the Terms of Reference under each category.


Title Reference Number Terms of Reference
Improving capacities of water utilities on financial and performance management EOI/WATER/2019/F&PM Consultancy Click here
Enhancing corporate governance in water service delivery at water utilities EOI/WATER/2019/Gov Consultancy Click here
Improving quality management practices and better data management at water utilities EOI/WATER/2019/Q&DM Consultancy  Click here
Enhancing institutional capacity of water service providers association (WASPA) EOI/WATER/2019/WASPA Consultancy Click here