Kenya Markets Trust (KMT) is a Kenyan organisation that works in partnership with the private sector, county and national government to unleash large scale, sustainable market growth by changing the underlying incentives, capacities and rules that shape how markets work.

We focus on markets as they are the main mechanism through which wealth is created and growth occurs and our long-term goal is to deliver large scale, systemic change in selected markets that benefits all players including small businesses, larger firms, investors, producers and consumers.

To achieve this, we identify markets with high growth potential but which are saddled with systemic constraints. Working with key market actors, policymakers and other stakeholders, we address these constraints to improve competitiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness.

As a result, we hope to grow the range of market opportunities, support competition in these sectors, eventually creating a market system that is profitable to investors, improves incomes for suppliers and is beneficial to consumers.

KMT currently works in three sectors namely Livestock, Agricultural Inputs and Water.

Overview of the Consultancy

A key tenet for market system development, besides inclusivity, competitiveness and sustainability, is to change the way markets work, so that poor people are included in the benefits of growth and economic development. Kenya Markets Trust (KMT) uses market systems development approach in the three sectors of; Livestock, Agricultural inputs and Water service delivery to unleash large scale, sustainable market growth by changing the underlying incentives, capacities and rules that shape how the respective markets work.

Beyond the supply and demand value chains in the respective markets, are supporting functions (infrastructure, information, skills and technology and related services) and rules (standards, regulations, informal rules and norms and laws). The rules play a key role in the successful implementation of KMT interventions that seek to transform the respective sectors through functional markets. It is therefore important to map out these standards, regulations, laws, informal and rules and norms (policies) that determine how markets work in Kenya.

KMT seeks a consultancy to compile all the standards, taxation regimes, licenses, regulations, informal rules, norms and laws in the livestock, agricultural inputs and water value chains in Kenya and how these rules impact on the respective value chains, markets and sectors. Additionally, the assignment will generate a policy brief on the status of policy regulatory framework for these selected markets in Kenya.

All applications must be received by Friday, August 23, 2019 by 4:00 PM.

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