Better Livestock

Kenya Markets Trust works to sustainably improve the lives of Kenyans by transforming its key market systems.

We work to stimulate inclusive and resilient growth that will lead to a step-change in the livelihoods of millions of Kenyans. We take a long-term approach staying true to our vision while adapting to the forces shaping the markets we operate in such as climate change and access to technologies.

Key challenges facing Kenya today

Key Sector Challenges

Food Insecurity

42% of Kenyans are food insecure.

Low Yields

General low yields of produce.

Meat Deficiency

Kenya has an annual meat deficiency of 300 metric tonnes (MT)

Population Growth

Estimated growth in population to 95 million by 2050, placing more pressure on food resources.

Climate Change

Increased Climate change based threats to productivity.

Water Supply

46% of land mass covered by the 88 regulated water service providers.

Building Sustainable and Inclusive Markets

A Decade of Impact

Since 2011, Kenya Markets Trust has improved the lives of millions of Kenyans by facilitating the development of better market systems. Watch this video and get a brief on our work and its impact.

Our Approach

Markets Systems Development for Agriculture, Water & Livestock

Market Systems Development (MSD) is an approach to developing market systems so that they function more effectively, sustainably and beneficially for poor people, building their capacities and offering them the opportunity to enhance their lives.

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Our Impact

Our work spans across all the 47 counties in Kenya where we work through key partnerships with businesses, representative bodies, governments and other relevant institutions in The Agri-Inputs Sector, The Livestock Sector and The Water Sector.


households with improved livelihoods


significant enabling policies, regulations, processes and informal rules have been influenced by KMT across its focal sectors


businesses have recorded improved performance


new jobs are estimated to have been created in wider economy due to sector growth


people are accessing new markets, services, products and information

GBP 238,589,275

increase in annual income/savings in selected sectors

GBP 50,639,744

value worth of investments has been leveraged

Our Focus Areas

The reason KMT focuses on these sectors is because they have an impact on a huge part of Kenya’s population. Therefore any positive change within them affects the lives of millions of Kenyans.


KMT’s vision is to transform smallholder agriculture in Kenya from subsistence to successful agri-businesses through effective and timely use of agricultural inputs.


KMT aims to transform the Kenyan water service delivery sector in collaboration with key stakeholders, by systematically addressing key constraints hindering access to quality, reliable and affordable water services by unserved and under-served populations.


KMT is working to unlock latent potential across the entire livestock market system in order to optimise the value of the national herd and align the value chain to meet the needs of domestic and export consumers.

Our Research

Facilitating markets through research for evidence-based interventions

Our Case Studies

Actual examples of how our work is making a change

Our Blog

Opinion pieces and editorials on our work and related activities

Impact Stories

Stories from all over Kenya on how our work is impacting the lives of people

Our Partners


A Dawn of a New Chapter for Kenya Markets Trust

After years of successfully working together as partners with a shared mission of transforming sectors in East Africa, Gatsby Africa, Kenya Markets Trust and Msingi East Africa have decided to integrate and become one entity as of April 01, 2022.

The new integrated entity will be called Gatsby Africa – a philanthropic entity of Lord David Sainsbury and will operate across six sectors in East Africa – Commercial Forestry, Aquaculture, Textiles and Apparel, Livestock, Agricultural Inputs, and Water.

We believe that the ambition and vision of the new organisation, coupled with the breadth of our portfolio, puts us in a strong position to deliver a meaningful level of impact for millions of people in the East African region. It equally strengthens our ability to generate and share our learning with others.

Coming together allows us to leverage the strengths of the three organisations, brings efficiency to how we work, and ensures we have a greater impact in our work.

What does this mean for the work that we have been passionately championing over the years? There will be no changes to the focus and modalities of how we work or our shared commitments – our three existing programmes will continue to operate in the same way they have always done.

We will be launching the new integrated Gatsby Africa organisation on April 01, 2022. By mid-April, we will share with you a link to our new website and official social media handles. However, we will retain our current website for a minimum period of six months, so that our knowledge materials are available to you. We shall be moving these over to our new website so that nothing will be lost.

As an organisation, we are excited about the opportunities that this integration brings for our people, partners and the sectors we work in. We are humbled by the collaboration and good working relationship we have had with all our different stakeholders and look forward to continuing working with you in the new organisation.