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The  UK high commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey has commended the work Kenya Markets Trust is doing to  boost food security in the country.

Speaking during a courtesy call  at KMT Headquarters at 14 Riverside, Mr. Hailey praised the staff for their dedication and  hard work, pointing out that the organization staff had portrayed Commitment in their daily activities.

“We are very proud of the work you are doing and this will go a long way to improve the life of each and every farmer you interact with,” he added.

He cited that the work that KMT does is close to his heart.

Mr Hailey

Mr Hailey narrated how he had visited the Lodwar  office in 2016 and had very insightful conversations with the  staff who were present then.

“That was one of the most interesting conversation  I have ever heard in Kenya. I could relate to the discussions especially since I grew up in a farm back home.” He added

The commissioner had paid a courtesy call to check on the welfare of KMT staff after the Dusit attack in January in which 21 people lost their lives. Mr. Hailey hailed the company for its swift response during the attack and for ensuring that the staff received post terror attack counseling.

“ I understand that one of the staffs, who was expectant at that time, has a beautiful baby. This is very good news to all of us,” he added

He was accompanied by the acting head of DFID Kenya Ms. Sarah Montgomery, who expressed her gratitude for the aftercare that the KMT staff had received after their attack.

“It’s wonderful to note that everyone  was well taken care of both physically and emotionally. KMT took extra effort to ensure that all the employees are  recovering from the trauma which is very laudable,” She added

KMT, which seeks to build bridges between public and private entities, is funded by the UK government and Gatsby Trust.