About KMT

What Does KMT Do?

We Address Constraints in Key Market Segments

Kenya Markets Trust (KMT) is a Kenyan Non-Governmental organisation which has been in operation since 2011. We pride ourselves in being an innovative market leader in transformational market systems development, focusing on interventions that modify the incentives and behaviour of businesses and other market players to ensure lasting and large-scale beneficial change to poor people. We have a deep understanding of the local context and are able to deliver appropriate solutions that unlock the potential of the unserved and underserved populations of Kenya.

Kenya Markets Trust is a trademark of Soko Transformation Limited, a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Kenya under registration number CLG-JLFYQ9.

We Conduct Research

We carefully map and analyse market systems and the forces that shape them within strategically important sectors. We do this by identifying latent opportunities and designing targeted and iterative interventions to bring about change, and scale what works.


Our research guides our interventions

All our research can be found on our website for free. Our research covers three main areas of focus i.e Agri-inputs, Water and Livestock. Each research item has a summary page that covers the respective topic from a broader perspective and highlights the key metrics.

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Our Strategic Interventions

Catalyse Investments

Catalyse investments in provision of efficient extension delivery systems by seed, fertilisers, lime and pesticides companies

Fake Products

Support improvement of regulatory measures to combat fake pesticides, seeds and fertiliser

Strengthen Advocacy

Strengthen advocacy capacity of key industry associations in seeds and fertilisers

Strategic Linkages

Facilitate strategic linkages to enhance research and product development in fertilisers and lime markets

Enhancing Reach

Enhance marketing and rural distribution of agricultural lime, seeds and crop- specific fertilisers


Large-scale wealth creation through sustainable, competitive and inclusive transformation of market systems


To work in partnership with the private sector and government to catalyze innovation and promote competitive and inclusive markets

What Does KMT Focus On?

We Focus on Agriculture, Livestock and Water. Why do we choose to focus on these three sectors?

These sectors have an impact on a huge part of Kenya’s population. Therefore, any positive change within them affects the lives of millions of Kenyans. Although currently saddled with some systemic constraints, these sectors have high growth potential. Improved economic livelihoods of the population has a spiral effect on other areas of life such as health, education and infrastructure.


KMT’s vision is to transform smallholder agriculture in Kenya from subsistence to successful agri-businesses through effective and timely use of agricultural inputs.


KMT aims to transform the Kenyan water service delivery sector in collaboration with key stakeholders, by systematically addressing key constraints hindering access to quality, reliable and affordable water services by unserved and under-served populations.


KMT is working to unlock latent potential across the entire livestock market system in order to optimise the value of the national herd and align the value chain to meet the needs of domestic and export consumers.

Our Core Values






Our Impact

What we’ve achieved so far

Our efforts have born fruit in ways that affect the entire Kenyan economy. Below are some numbers that show our impact.

people are accessing new markets
increase in disposable income/savings
value worth of investments has been leveraged
businesses have recorded improved performance
new jobs are estimated to have been created in wider economy due to sector growth
households with improved livelihoods
significant enabling policies, regulations, processes and informal rules have been influenced by KMT across its focal sectors

Our Coverage

Our work spans across all 47 counties in Kenya where we work through key partnerships with businesses, representative bodies, governments and other relevant institutions in three key sectors: Agri-Inputs sector, Livestock sector and Water sector. View the map.