Agricultural Inputs

The Sector

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  • Key agricultural inputs categories are fertilizers, seeds, farm equipment and agrochemicals

The Market

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  • All agricultural inputs are distributed through a system of importers, wholesalers and retailers

The Farmer

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Supply Trends

  • Agricultural inputs supply is mostly driven by private sector, though in fertilizer, Government imports and distributes at subsidized prices.
  • Agricultural inputs are only available in high agricultural potential areas and to large scale commercial farmers
  • Inadequate flow of information on products’ use and benefits through the trade chain.
  • Weak enforcement of inputs quality standards has led to proliferation of substandard products and counterfeits.
  • Lack of adequate financial capacity of traders to sufficiently stock for the peak periods.

Demand Trends

  • Low farm productivity is calling for adoption of new technologies and innovations
  • Growing urban population is increasing the demand for agricultural produce
  • Increasing farmer education and discernment leading to demand for quality inputs.
  • Climate change impact and land fragmentation is driving the need for more effective agricultural inputs

Key Sector Challenges

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  1. Improve agricultural inputs market information

  • Adoption of innovative ways to pass on appropriate information across the supply chain
  • Adoption of ICT, improved marketing and customer service practices across agricultural inputs’ trade
  1. Improve access and demand of quality agricultural inputs

  • Adoption of innovative trade inventory management systems
  • Enable commercialization of climate smart products and climate resilient agricultural inputs
  • Promote availability of affordable financial products for smallholder farmers and rural agro-dealers
  1. Enhance application of quality standards

  • Advocate change of agricultural inputs packaging material taxation legislation to lower inputs prices
  • Promote enforcement of agricultural inputs quality control to reduce substandard products and counterfeits