The Sector


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The Market


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General Supply Trends

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General Demand Trends:

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Key Sector Challenges

  • Water provision at utility level is shrouded by numerous inefficiencies which hamper effective services delivery.
  • There is chronic lack of data from rural areas to measure performance output and set the sector on the right growth trajectory.
  • Limited management skills and non-adoption of contemporary management tools and knowledge contribute to continued inefficiencies in the sector.
  • Reliance on voluntary water users associations in rural areas has resulted in high unreliability of services. During service breakdown, poor people buy water either from expensive water vendors or travel long distances to collect water from rivers, wells, and ponds.


  • To inspire emergence and adoption of service delivery models for water utilities.
  • To facilitate B2B linkage for climate smart, ICT, green financing and technological innovation.
  • To catalyze market-led approach for “base-of-pyramid” services expansion.
  • To facilitate the management of non-revenue water in water utilities.

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