Our Impact

Building Sustainable and Inclusive Markets

A Decade of Impact

Since 2011, Kenya Markets Trust has improved the lives of millions of Kenyans by facilitating the development of better market systems. In the video, we let the people whose lives we’ve touched tell their stories.

Our Impact In The Agri-Inputs Sector

Increased access and use of quality inputs, services and farming information by smallholder farmers through sustainable markets

New Farmers Reached

Over 500,000 smallholder farmers reached with new farm input products and services, as well as new technologies that improve on and increase farm yields

Increase In Farm Yields

Over 450,000 smallholder farmers realising increase in farm yields from 8 bags of maize to between 20-40 bags per hectare and an average increase in income of USD 200/acre per farmer

Private Sector Investments

Over GBP 18.06 million leveraged through private sector investments

Our Impact In The Livestock Sector

Impacted over 225,000 households (over 1.5 million people) with access to improved livestock markets, out of which 175,000 households (1.2 million people) have had their incomes improve

New Farmers Reached

129,753 pastoralist households have access to quality and affordable animal health inputs and services through an agency-based distribution model

Increased Income

90,318 households have realised increased income of £23,835,651(from the sale of higher quality livestock

Private Sector Investments

Supporting a women-led cooperative of about 300 female members on livestock aggregation and trade for better market access. Through this initiative, over 6,000 sheep and goats have been aggregated from Marsabit and Samburu counties with a cumulative income of GBP 348,300 over the last 12 months

Our Impact In The Water Sector

Water Access

Cumulative improved performance of these water utilities has resulted in over 83,100 households (498,600 people) accessing clean and safe drinking water

Increased Income

An estimated cumulative total savings of GBP 2,853,747 as a result of residents spending less time looking for alternative water sources and instead utilising such time to engage in other income generating activities

KMT has been working with nine urban water companies and five rural water utilities to adopt service delivery models and innovative ways of minimising water loss for improved and expanded water supply to customers

Our Impact

Our work spans across all the 47 counties in Kenya where we work through key partnerships with businesses, representative bodies, governments and other relevant institutions in The Agri-Inputs Sector, The Livestock Sector and The Water Sector.


households with improved livelihoods


significant enabling policies, regulations, processes and informal rules have been influenced by KMT across its focal sectors


businesses have recorded improved performance


new jobs are estimated to have been created in wider economy due to sector growth


people are accessing new markets, services, products and information

GBP 238,589,275

increase in annual income/savings in selected sectors

GBP 50,639,744

value worth of investments has been leveraged

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Facilitating markets through research for evidence-based interventions

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Actual examples of how our work is making a change

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