Abdikarim is the Livestock Sector Lead at Kenya Markets Trust. He has a wealth of experience accumulated from working with the private and development sectors over the last 10 years. With extensive knowledge around pastoral livelihood systems, he has in the last few years been heavily engaged in transforming weak and lean livestock market systems into becoming more inclusive, resilient and working for people at the bottom of the pyramid.

How has it been working for KMT?

“Working at KMT is a great pleasure and a privilege. A professional and friendly team surrounds me in this office, which gives me a great motivation to carry out my roles. My joining the organization was influenced by its unique development model – aimed at market inclusions of people at the bottom of the pyramid through strategic and targeted attempts to transform particular markets. Having worked with KMT’s livestock sector for over two years, I continue to learn something new every day.  My daily work life is full of opportunities that allow me to think holistically about the market systems we interact with and seek to transform.”

Personal Connection with Livestock

Abdikarim is passionate about keeping of livestock. During his holidays, he likes to spend some time with his pastoralist family in Northern Kenya where he looks after his own camels and goats.  He was also a livestock trader in 2001 and 2002 where at an early age he learnt the art of negotiation and deal making in informal trade systems.

The die-hard fan of Liverpool believes ‘You will never walk alone’.

He enjoys reading the Holy Quaran a lot and preferably while sipping his favorite delicacy of fresh camel milk.