Judith Odongo, popularly known as Judy, has worked with KMT for over 5 years as a Knowledge and Results Manager. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Statistics and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Chemistry. Judy has invaluable experience in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for private sector development, including managing M&E systems in multi-sector development projects in a multi-donor set up.

How has it been working for KMT?

“KMT has a unique approach to development, which focuses on addressing constraints to performance of sectors in Kenya so as to create sustainable change and inclusive growth for all players. So, unlike many development programmes that work directly with “beneficiaries”, KMT works with businesses for transformation and improved performance. The businesses eventually provide better services to consumers or absorb more produce from producers who are the target beneficiaries in KMT’s work. Measurement in such an approach therefore requires checking improved performance of the partner businesses, and the effect it has on the target group. This is not necessarily easy and straightforward and therefore requires a robust Knowledge and Results Measurement System, which is able to capture the results to prove KMT’s work while establish credible attribution, and on the other hand gather lessons which inform strategy improvement. This makes Judy’s work life at KMT really interesting.

Personal Connection with Knowledge and Results

Judy’s passion for numbers and looking out for evidence, working hard supporting sector teams, and the satisfaction derived from realizing the success of KMTs work gives her the reason to wake up every morning to come to work.

She has a passion in helping development practitioners understand the value of good results measurement in programme management.

Judy is a generous, warmly enthusiastic and charismatic lady who thrives in serving people. She believes in changing the lives of the people she comes across.


When not involved in measurement and evaluation, Judy enjoys singing, dancing and counselling with young people and less fortunate in society.

Favourite meal?

Ugali and chicken

Favorite destination?