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What is Markets Systems Development?

Markets Systems Development is an approach to developing market systems so that they function more effectively, sustainably and beneficially for poor people, building their capacities and offering them the opportunity to enhance their lives.

Applicable to development agencies and governments working in both economic and social fields, it is an approach defined by a number of important characteristics.


An introduction to market systems development

What's different about the market systems approach?

What is the role of Markets Systems Development organization in a market?

By addressing underlying causes (rather than symptoms) of weak performance, M4P aims to unleash large-scale change. interventions may be small in themselves, but should continually strive to leverage the actions of key market players to bring about extensive and deep-seated systemic change.

This approach to development provides guidance on understanding the poor in market systems (analysis) as well as how to bring about effective change (action). Its focus is on developing market systems, assessed with respect to different market functions and players, public and private, formal and informal.


Market Systems Development in Action

Actual examples of how our work is making a change