Why you need to get involved

The progress of a nation is not a task for a few individuals but for the entire nation

Kenya Markets Trust works to sustainably improve the lives of Kenyans by transforming its key market systems. We focus mainly on Agri-inputs, Livestock and Water. The reason KMT focuses on these sectors is because they have an impact on a huge part of Kenya’s population. Therefore any positive change within them affects the lives of millions of Kenyans. With the wealth of knowledge and resources available at KMT, learning about them and sharing can change the life of a Kenyan you know.

Ways you can get involved


We know that agriculture is the backbone of our economy. As a farmer, if your yield improves, you not only create a better livelihood for yourself and your family, your produce goes to improving our economy. Learn how you can improve your yield by following our work.

Members of the Public

We think of Kenya as a big family of over 50 million people. A considerable number of Kenyans directly rely on farming as a source of livelihood. Help get the word out to them by sharing contnet from our publications and following our work.

The Private Sector

For the stakeholders in agriculture, livestock and  water, use the publications to improve and rejuvenate your efforts. Follow our work and stay updated with everything KMT.


Partnerships help us get the resources necessary to make our work possible. Partner with KMT and help us further our cause. You can view case studies, learn about what we do, know the impact of our work and much more from our website.


Among the things we do is influencing policies and regulations that affect our focus areas. As a stakeholder in government, make Kenya a better place by sharing our work with other stakeholders and also the general public.