Kenya cost of meat is the sixth highest in the world.





Kenya Market Trust CEO Kamau Kuria   pointed out that the livestock resource value in the country is valued at USD 4.2b

Kamau was speaking at the 2019  Pastrolist  Leadership Summit in  Garrisa where  he  raised concern …

KMT Sticker Label key in improving the seed sector




Kenya Markets Trust sticker label activation is key in ensuring that the quality of seeds planted by farmers is the best.
The initiative, which was spearheaded by KMT and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) Amongst other …


KMT is playing a key role engaging with the Ministry of Agriculture, the International Fertilizer Development Corporation, AGRA and KALRO in planning for the establishment of a Kenya Fertilizer Roundtable (Ke-Fert) whose main mandate will be to steer development of …

Milk supply; Why data tells only half the story

By Chris Silali and Chris Shimba

The dairy industry in Kenya is a significant agricultural sub-sector contributing to the national economy, household incomes and food security. It contributes 40 per cent to the agricultural GDP and 4 per cent to

Turning Around Water Utilities in Northern Kenya

Water sector development in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL), especially in Northern Kenya, has been lagging behind as compared to other regions in Kenya. This is partly blamed on the high poverty index of about 70%, which has been pushing …

Public Private Partnership for Improved Extension Services

Kenya has a long history of public agricultural extension services. In the past, the government was solely responsible for the provision of extension services through the Ministry of Agriculture. Today, the government extension officials to farmer ratio is very minimal …

New Rangeland Management Plan Kicks Off

At Kenya Markets Trust, we acknowledge sustainable rangeland management practices as one of the means of transforming the livestock sector in the country.

Sustainable Rangeland Management (SRM) refers to practices and technologies that aim to integrate the management of land

We can turn curse of Laikipia conflicts into blessing

Abdikarim Daud

Parents are supposed to love, support and create an environment of beautiful upbringing. The sad reality is that this is not always the case. The responsibility becomes even wider for parents when it comes to considering the …