“Boda Boda” Riders… to the Rescue of Gatamaiyu Dairy

In Kenya, “Boda bodas”- motorbikes- are known for human transport. At Gatamaiyu Dairy Cooperative society, they are known for milk collection.

Founded in 1963, Gatamaiyu Dairy Cooperative Society has over time been very ineffective in collection of milk from their

Kenya’s Seed Sector In Need of Reform, Experts Urge

Unless Kenya reforms the way it develops and distributes crop seeds, the country faces a rapidly-rising food import bill which will be unsustainable in the long term. That was the stark message presented to experts at a high-level forum for …

New African Seed Access Index Generates Bumper Crop of Interest

There is an unprecedented amount of activity underway in the African seed sector today, with new companies starting up across the continent and farmers clamoring for more productive crop varieties, particularly those that can help them cope with the stresses …

Northern Kenya Marketing toolkit introduced to key firms

The livestock team held a Discussion Workshop with inputs suppliers, services provision firms and market research firms who are working or are willing to work in Northern Kenya. This workshop attracted many large firms including IDEV International (leading strategy and …