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KMT co-implementer in the Dairy work, Technoserve, has assisted Livestock Genetics Society of Eastern Africa (LGSEA) to partner with two marketing firms (Consumer Pro and Dot Matrix) to re-structure their training curriculum, to integrate a customer service component.

Formed by actors in the Livestock Genetic supply-chain, LGSEA is tasked with provision of coordination and support to stakeholders.

In 2014, the association was mandated by the Kenya Veterinary Board to offer training as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to Animal Health and Artificial Insemination (AI) service providers.


Since the service providers meet the full cost of training, there is increased need to tailor this learning activity to promote professionalism and address market needs that lead to increased purchase of inputs and services by farmers.The training is aimed at helping professionals sharpen their abilities and ensure they remain effective in quality service delivery to farmers.

LGSEA partnership with Dot Matrix and ConsumerPro led to development of a structured, practical and methodical approach to training, based on simulations and farmer feedback. During the training, the firms will share ideas on best practice techniques service providers can apply to sustain a competitive advantage for growth of their customer base.

The marketing firms are leveraging on LGSEA to make their sales pitch on other services they provide, including market research and training on customer loyalty and retention.