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KMT has partnered with Leowa Associates to drive transformational change in the dairy hubs by professionalizing the management of these hubs, in a bid to ultimately realize increased farmer incomes.


Pictured below: KMT DAiry Sector Lead, Dr. Chris Silali, Leowa CEO, Ms. Josephine Ng’ethe, and KMT Head of Finance, Mary Ngugi, during the signing of KMT/Leowa partnership agreement at the KMT office

Leowa Associates

By improving the management of dairy hubs, they will provide a better range of services to farmers and catalyze other actors including feed manufacturers, milk processing companies to provide value to dairy farmers through increased dairy hub negotiating capacity. In the long run, Dairy Hubs are expected to see value in the services provided by Leowa and thus invest in paying for the services.

Dairy hubs play an important role in the milk business. Efficient hubs are expected to improve the performance of the dairy sector. The hubs need to improve efficiency to remain competitive as the East African market expands due to acceptance of new countries into the common market.

Leowa has been part of the KMT Dairy initiative working to professionalise management of dairy hubs. KMT wishes to scale up this initiative and to work with a broader range of dairy hubs throughout Kenya.

Our partnership with Leowa will see hubs improve service delivery, thereby supporting dairy farmers to increase productivity and ultimately incomes.