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Partnerships remain key in KMT’s implementation efforts. We envision achieving sustainable systemic change and transformation in the sectors we are working in through partnerships with businesses and governments, both national and county.

We have been working with Isiolo County to sustainably transform the Livestock Sector in the county. Livestock is the main source of income for over 90% of the residents of Isiolo County, like in the rest of the larger Northern Kenya Region. This month, we formalised our partnership with the county government by signing an MoU.


Isiolo Governor, Hon. Godana Doyo signs an MoU to work with KMT in transforming the Livestock sector in Isiolo County

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Isiolo Governor, Hon. Godana Doyo (left) and KMT Chief Executive, Mr. Paul Wanyagah

The Isiolo County Government has invested KSH. 400 million on a processing facility that is expected to benefit the pastoralists in the county. The facility has capacity to slaughter 700 heads of cattle, 100 camel and 2000 sheep and goat. It has a holding ground that can accommodate up to 14000 heads of cattle.

KMT has supported the County Government to procure a consultant to review the business plan and analyse the different investment options available towards operationalisation. We are also helping the county government to form partnerships with suppliers of processing facility equipment.

KMT aims at supporting Isiolo County to engage in a private sector partnership (PSP) that could be replicated in other counties. This would also offer sustainable market opportunity to pastoralist cattle during drought and link them to the market.

The effects of climate change on pastoral economy remain a challenge. In our partnership with Isiolo County Government, we will assist them to review livestock related activities on the climatic effects and advice on best adaptation and or mitigation mechanisms for adoption.

We believe that successful private sector participation at the Isiolo County abattoir could be replicated by other Counties who have similar facilities. This would directly improve pastoralists’ direct access to both feedlots and finishing services and better markets thus increase their income and create jobs and impact on over 1500 livelihoods directly by 2019.

Kenya Markets Trust objective is to assist the County Government to achieve its mandate through collaborative approaches in rangeland management and policies, creating enabling environment for sustainable livestock animal health, finishing and improved livestock processing through technical support, business feasibility and end market access/approach in order to improve the livelihood of the pastoral economy.

Part of the KMT Livestock Team and the Isiolo Governor during signing of an MoU in the KMT offices in Nairobi