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The livestock team held a Discussion Workshop with inputs suppliers, services provision firms and market research firms who are working or are willing to work in Northern Kenya. This workshop attracted many large firms including IDEV International (leading strategy and investment advisory firm), UAP Kenya (one of Kenya’s largest insurance firms), Bimeda (international animal health firm), Bayer (a global firm focusing in health care, agriculture and high-tech polymer materials), Medina (US based farm inputs firm) among others.

The workshop was held to introduce a market toolkit (guide/manual) targeting marketing firms with a view of getting feedback from them especially on the relevance of such a toolkit. The tool kit was developed in response to challenges such as lack of proper market information, distribution channels, marketing models, market linkages faced by firms interested in expanding into Northern Kenya. This followed a study done by KMT and ILRI on market penetration of index based livestock insurance (IBLI), where it was realized that key market information gaps exist and firms needed to have simplified information about northern Kenya in order to undertake their interaction with markets in pastoralist areas. It is believed that the toolkit, which was developed with the support of a retail and distribution expert, will be key in enabling companies entering the region to come up with customized marketing strategies that will ensure that pastoralists have access to inputs that will boost the quality of their livestock.