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A typical day for a woman in the Kanyadhiang area of Homabay County starts with waking up to a long walk either to a communal water tap or a spring to fetch water for her family or more often to a well, a river or pool of water. Depending on how large her family is or the number of chores they have, some make up to 10 trips a day.
This situation is not unique to women in Kanyadhiang but is also common among many other women and residents in the rural parts of Kenya who mainly rely on water from rivers for consumption. However, the question is;  how safe is this water and how can these communities access more safe water?
KMT, in partnership with SNV Kenya through its Market Assistance Programme is working with Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB), which is responsible for the efficient and economical provision of water services within ten counties,  to promote safe water usage through a campaign dubbed maji safi maisha bora (clean water, good life). This campaign promotes tapped water as quality water and encourages consumers to purchase water supplied by the water systems in the community. These water systems, run by the community are currently undergoing commercialization to improve their efficiency and will soon be operated by private operators. All these has been supported by the MAP programme.
Since its establishment, LVSWSB has improved access to water and sanitation in rural areas by setting up water systems in various parts of its jurisdiction, run by Water User Associations. Although much has been done, this has proven to be inadequate.
On 21st February 2014, LVSWSB completed its first series of campaigns whose main target was to disseminate messages during market days, football matches and essays competitions for the school children as well as use of media. The plan was to reach various audiences including consumers young and old, industrial/commercial, institutional consumers, opinion leaders, local administration among others.
The campaign team is currently evaluating the impact of the campaign as it plans for upcoming campaigns.