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ABOVE: Wajir Community leaders see cows feeding at the community ranch and BELOW: Grazing Community chair draws the community ranch plan


Ten community leaders from Lolkuta in Wajir visited community ranches in Lakipia County for a learning experience on holistic rangelands management (HRM). The ten, are influential people identified by Kenya Markets Trust’s partner in the livestock sector, Mercy Corps, to take a lead in HRM within Wajir County beginning with Lolkuta, Northern Wajir as a pilot. The community leaders visited Il Ngwesi and Il Montok community ranches where they engaged with the grazing committees and saw evidence of effective HRM.


In both ranches, the community has completely embraced HRM and as a result, they are able to feed their animals throughout the year despite sporadic or non-existent rainfall.


After seeing the impact of this practice and learning about the structures within the community that have led to its success, the community leaders were full of excitement. “ We are ready to start this in Wajir,” No one else from Wajir will come to learn from Laikipia, they will all come to Lolkuta,” said Abbey, a rich pastoralist from Wajir with about 1000 camels, shoats and cows.


Following this visit, Simon Keily, from Natural capital will be working with the Lolkuta community for 30 days to consolidate all the learnings from Laikipia and customize them for Wajir. Natural Capital has been engaged by KMT to support the pilot phase of HRM in Wajir. It is hoped that if implemented effectively, HRM will help pastoralists in wajir have access to pasture successfully in the same way the pastoralists in Laikipia County  have done.


About Holistic Rangelands Management

 Whole Farm/Ranch Planning System that helps farmers, ranchers and land stewards better manage agricultural resources in order to reap sustainable environmental, economic, and social benefit