Enhancing Business Growth of Kakamega County Rural Water and Sanitation Company (KARUWASCO)- Developing Strategic and Business Plans for the Water Utility


Kenya Markets Trust is a Kenyan non-profit institution that works in partnership with the private sector; county & national governments; associations; local and international partners to unleash large scale, sustainable market growth by changing the underlying incentives, capacities and rules that shape how market systems work.  

We focus on market systems and value chains as these are the main mechanisms through which wealth is created and growth occurs. Our long-term goal is to deliver large scale, systemic change in selected markets that benefits all players including small businesses, larger firms, investors, producers and consumers, and the country at large.

To achieve this, we identify markets with high growth potential but which are saddled with systemic constraints.  Working with key market actors, policy makers and other stakeholders, we address these constraints to improve competitiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness. 

As a result, we hope to grow the range of market opportunities, support competitiveness in these sectors, ultimately creating a market system that is profitable to investors, improves incomes for suppliers and is beneficial to consumers.


KMT have been supporting selected Kenyan water utilities and national level institutions such as Water Service Regulatory Board (WASREB), Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF) and Water Service Providers Association (WASPA), in finding ways to improve water services delivery in Kenya. In the water sector, KMT implements market-based interventions aimed at improving operational efficiencies of urban water utilities, professionalization of rural water supply services, improving water sector governance, and accelerating diversified financing for the water sector across the country. 

Kakamega County Rural Water and Sanitation Company (KARUWASCO) is a creation of the Kakamega County Water and Sanitation Services Act, 2021. It was then incorporated on the March 12, 2021 under the Companies’ Act, 2015. The company is 100% owned by the county government of Kakamega. The company was created to provide water services in the rural areas of Kakamega County to complement the efforts of the urban water utility. 

The newly established company has 7 Directors, Acting Managing Director and senior staff currently under secondment, with an operational office in Mumias town. The company is still in initial phase of setting ups its systems and structures hence it requires a lot of support to enable it develop and grow into sustainable entity providing water and sanitation services as required by the regulator. 


In view of the above context, KMT is seeking to recruit a consultant to provide consultancy services to the Company to develop a 5-year Strategic plan and 3-year business plan in line with WASREB’s Guidelines on strategic and business planning. The Strategic and Business Plan is aimed at providing a clear framework and define a clear vision for the company to enable it clearly define its purpose, mandate for its existence as well the structures that will ensure effective delivery of the water services within its jurisdictions in the County.  


  • Improving service water delivery in KARUWASCO
  • Improving Operational Efficiencies
  • Professionalization of rural water supply services
  • Improving Water sector governance
  • Accelerating diversified financing for the water sector across Kakamega County. 


The successful consultant is expected to work very closely with the staff, Senior Leadership and the Board of Directors of Kakamega County Rural Water and Sanitation Company and Senior Officials of the Kakamega County Government especially the department of Water, Environment and Natura Resources to undertake the following;

  1. Conduct Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE) and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis for the company including its operating environment. 
  2. Develop a 5-year business plan with periodic rolling targets/milestone. 
  3. Develop a 3-year business plan for the water utility. 
  4. Develop performance measurement framework for the business plan 
  5. Develop implementation plans for the strategic and business plans.   


The expected outputs from the assignment, for KARUWASCO will include:

  1. Inception report that describes the assignment and delivery approach, including workplan and an outline of the final report. Templates for the strategic and business plans to be shared as annexes. 
  2. A 5-year strategic plan. 
  3. A well-informed business plan as guided by WASREB’s Guidelines on Business planning. 
  4. Robust financial forecast and income and expenditure analysis for the 5 – year period.  
  5. Measurement framework for the business plan 
  6. Process report including deliberations of the various stakeholders engaged during the assignment. 


Considering the current situation of COVID-19 and the health protocols issued by the Ministry of Health such as social distancing, restrictions in public gatherings and limitation of the number participants in meetings. The consultant will be expected to come up with adequate delivery strategies for this assignment that strictly adheres to the Ministry of Health protocols. 

The consultant will be responsible for the timely delivery of required outputs as well as preparing and presenting progress reports periodically. The consultant will work closely with KMT water sector specialist and KARUWASCO designated officer to deliver this assignment.


In executing the assessment, the lead consultant shall be expected to exude the following skills and experience;

  • Strong expertise in business development especially in the water sector;
  • Over 15 years’ experience in developing strategic and business plan for water utilities/institutions;
  • Over 10 years’ experience in undertaking financial modelling for urban water utilities and Small-Scale Water Services Providers;
  • Experience in designing business solution systems for urban water utilities and the small-scale water services providers;
  • Strong technical expertise in rural water modeling and service delivery structuring in Kenya. 


The assignment is expected to take a total of 30-man days to be delivered within a maximum of one and half month’s period. This duration is inclusive of reporting timeline.


The following documents must be submitted as part of the proposal:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership deed/business certificate/PIN for individual consultants.
  2. Valid Tax compliance certificate.


In responding to this Request for proposal, your response MUST cover the following areas;

  1. A technical proposal that portrays a clear understanding of the scope of work and the methodology to be applied in undertaking the assignment. This would be evaluated at 70% as broken down in annex 1.
  2. A financial proposal for the assignment broken down into specific charges to be evaluated at 30%. 
  3. Clear work plan for the delivery of the assignment 
  4. Maximum of 10 pages technical proposal – excluding annexes. Anything more than 10 pages will be disqualified. CVs and other supporting / mandatory documents should form part of the annex


Annex1: Evaluation criteria for the consulting assignment on development of strategic and business plans for Kakamega County Rural Water and Sanitation Company. 

Item No.

Evaluation Criteria 



Provision of relevant document i.e., certificate of registration/incorporation, tax compliance, copies of PIN and VAT certificate / PIN for individual consultants.


No. 2 

Extensive experience in developing strategic and business plans for water utilities/institutions including Small Scale Service providers / rural water supply schemes;



Experience in developing financial forecast and income and expenditure analysis for water utilities and SSSPs in Kenya. 



Provision of up-to-date CVs for key personnel including water professionals with extensive experience in rural water modeling/service delivery to be involved in the assignment meeting the minimum requirements.



Clearly elaborated methodology and work-plan to deliver the assignment





Financial proposal 





  • Questions regarding this request shall be addressed to KMT procurement on and must be received no later than 17th December 2021. Responses to questions will be distributed to all interested parties no later than 20th December 2021. All enquiries must strictly be on email.
  • The proposals and enclosed documents must be received no later than 7th January 2022. at 4:00PM via the email above. kindly ensure that the technical and the financial proposals are sent as separate documents;
  • Ensure that the proposals and the documents are all on PDF format and that the pages are clearly and sequentially numbered. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic we will require all the documents sent in soft copies using the procurement email provided above.
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines given herein will result in outright disqualification.
  • KMT has exclusive rights to conduct the evaluation process.


Download RFP in PDF

Request for Proposal Enhancing Business Growth of Kakamega County Rural Water and Sanitation Company (KARUWASCO) – Developing Strategic and Business Plans for the Water Utility


A Dawn of a New Chapter for Kenya Markets Trust

After years of successfully working together as partners with a shared mission of transforming sectors in East Africa, Gatsby Africa, Kenya Markets Trust and Msingi East Africa have decided to integrate and become one entity as of April 01, 2022.

The new integrated entity will be called Gatsby Africa – a philanthropic entity of Lord David Sainsbury and will operate across six sectors in East Africa – Commercial Forestry, Aquaculture, Textiles and Apparel, Livestock, Agricultural Inputs, and Water.

We believe that the ambition and vision of the new organisation, coupled with the breadth of our portfolio, puts us in a strong position to deliver a meaningful level of impact for millions of people in the East African region. It equally strengthens our ability to generate and share our learning with others.

Coming together allows us to leverage the strengths of the three organisations, brings efficiency to how we work, and ensures we have a greater impact in our work.

What does this mean for the work that we have been passionately championing over the years? There will be no changes to the focus and modalities of how we work or our shared commitments – our three existing programmes will continue to operate in the same way they have always done.

We will be launching the new integrated Gatsby Africa organisation on April 01, 2022. By mid-April, we will share with you a link to our new website and official social media handles. However, we will retain our current website for a minimum period of six months, so that our knowledge materials are available to you. We shall be moving these over to our new website so that nothing will be lost.

As an organisation, we are excited about the opportunities that this integration brings for our people, partners and the sectors we work in. We are humbled by the collaboration and good working relationship we have had with all our different stakeholders and look forward to continuing working with you in the new organisation.