Strategic Focus

Our Theory of Change Focuses on Transforming How Markets Work

Our approach to intervening in markets is based on working as market facilitators. While doing Market Analysis, we look at 5 factors: Where the commercial opportunities are, political economy of target markets, systemic constraints, growth trends, climate risks and position of the poor.


Large-scale wealth creation through sustainable, competitive and inclusive transformation of market systems


To work in partnership with the private sector and government to catalyze innovation and promote competitive and inclusive markets

Through Systemic Intervention we target constraints that were limiting pro-performance of target markets

We achieve by buying down the risk of innovation, facilitating commercial partnerships, promoting trust and transparency through improved information flows, enabling increased access to finance and supporting the government in creating an enabling environment. 

Market System Change creates improved performance of businesses, more effective governance, greater access to appropriate goods and services, increased competition, increased investment. Increased access and growth is measured by improvements in practices, quality, increased yields and increased sales through appropriate market channels. Overall, our impact has resulted in increased incomes, new jobs, improved CC resilience and reduced food insecurity.

KMT’s Strategic Objectives 2019-2022

Deliver large- scale, inclusive and sustainable growth in key market sectors in Kenya

Specific Objectives:

  • Identify key market segments to work with
  • Implement a portfolio of carefully chosen market transformation initiatives
  • Further embed the principles of market development approach in our work